MANUSCRIPT CONSULTATIONS (contact me via the form below)

IF you're looking for an experienced and thoughtful reader, I'm available for a detailed manuscript evaluation/developmental edit, which includes a 5-15 page editorial letter. You will receive substantial feedback and concrete suggestions on improving weaknesses in your manuscript (i.e. character development, pacing, emotional stakes, conflict/tension, interiority). I am very happy to read young adult fiction, memoir, and contemporary/literary fiction. If I'm not the right reader for you, I'll recommend other published authors/professional editors in your genre.

Currently, I am a part-time lecturer in creative nonfiction at The University of British Colmbia, and I have held positions as the Writer-In-Residence at The University of Manitoba (2019), the Richmond Public Library (2019) The University of Fraser Valley (2021), and Vancouver Public Library (2021) among others. I've also worked in an editorial capacity at Wendy Lamb Books/Penguin Random House, and ICM Partners, NYC.

I have nine years in college admissions and graduate school admissions essays (many of my private students have gone to attend studies at Wellesley, Parsons, and post-graduate programs at Harvard, Oxford) etc.

A deposit must be paid through e-transfer or PayPal before I start reading. Please note that editorial letters for manuscripts will include big picture (developmental edits) but will not include line-edits or copy-edits. Thanks in advance!


Query Letter Review = $100.00

Synopsis Review (1-3 pages double spaced) = $170.00

Short Prose Evaluation (10 pages double spaced max) = $350.00

Additional Pages (double spaced) = $6.00

Please note that if your manuscript is 10 pages or less, your editorial letter might be 1-2 pages.

Manuscript Evaluation (60,000 words or less) = $1600.00

Additional Pages (double spaced) = $5.00

College Admissions Essays/Common App/Statement of Intent Review + In-Depth Edits ($2.00/word) = no student discount applies

CV/Resume Review = $1.50/word

1 Hour Meeting on Zoom/Skype = $150.00 (we can discuss your post-graduate school application, edits, or strategy for querying etc).

Writing Support (to finish your manuscript) = $150.00/month. You will receive two 30 minute Zoom/Skype calls with me. I will hold you accountable for word count, and we will chat about any hurdles that preventing you from finishing your work. You are also welcome to email me if you have any questions/need support throughout the writing process.